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Gecko Fabulous

Gecko Fabulous

“Make Food Simple & Let Things Taste of What They Are”

Owner Chris Hamblin explains the philosophy of new venture Gecko

Liverpool’s newest café bar, deli & restaurant concept Gecko opened at the weekend with owner Chris Hamblin looking to repeat the success of his other ventures and, bring a new, unique Mediterranean flavour of eating to the city.

Based in Queen Square and overlooking St. Johns Gardens towards the magnificence of St. Georges Hall, Gecko is in the same casual vein as its sister venues Buffalo Jacks & Coffee Crew nearby and with the same informality.

He said: “Gecko is our first multi-dimensional concept in that you can stay in various areas to dine, or recline, drink, chat or pop in to our deli for a ‘take home’ or ‘take to the office’ experience. Ultimately, Gecko is about simple yet fabulous-tasting Mediterranean cuisine.”

Responding to questions around the market positioning of Gecko, Mr. Hamblin said: We’ve been asked by mostly media commentators if our next move was going to be more formal dining but it has no place in our thinking and we found the same in our research amongst customers who eat at our other venues.”

“We’ve always aimed at the inclusive market. That said, early feedback to date suggests too that people regard it as our most decadent venue.”

Soft furnishings adorn much of the ground floor, accompanied by bar stools and a casual dining area with style lines borrowed from sunnier climes.

Downstairs offers yet more relaxed, convivial dining with covers for 100+ that will attract private functions and was near capacity on the opening Saturday night.

Gecko’s official invite-only launch party is set for the evening of Thursday November 29th with Mr. Hamblin expecting around 150 people.

“It will be an opportunity for Gecko to highlight how we can look after our discerning guests, serve food to savour and showcase two floors of natural indulgence for our customers, especially those who have supported us in the industry from day one.” ends


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