Launch of a biomedical research centre for Liverpool

One of Liverpool’s leading experts in the Institute of Translational Medicine at the University of Liverpool believes Liverpool’s health economy is gearing up to provide potentially substantial long-term health gains in future personalised care for patients.

Specialist in pancreatic disease, Professor Robert Sutton,who is also Director of Research for LHP, Director of Research, Development and Innovation at RLBUHT and Director of the NIHR Pancreas Biomedical Research Unit, made the comments following the acclaimed Liverpool Health Partner’s (LHP) ‘Health is Wealth’ Conference.

He has also just revealed the introduction of new Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) for Liverpool.

The Liverpool BRC in Personalized Health will be funded by Liverpool Health Partners’ (LHP) and the RLBUHT.

He said: “Establishing a BRC for Liverpool is a testament that we now have the drive and capacity in the sector to work towards substantial improvements in our health economy.

Professor Sutton pictured left at the Conference with Liverpool Health Partners’ colleagues
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