Ubiquity adds Cheshire dental practice to health & wellness roster

Ubiquity has added Cheshire dental practice Peelhouse Dental Care to its growing health & wellness roster. More news to follow this week. www.peelhousedental.co.uk

Liverpool neighbourhood tunes into Dementia experience

A Liverpool neighbourhood moved a step closer towards becoming a dementia friendly area by hosting an acclaimed and original concert at St. Barnabas Church in Penny Lane. Hidden Voice, a music-with-film […]

Santa Maluco soon come

Innovators behind Liverpool’s bar scene reveal latest plans Graffiti Spirits Group, the innovative bar & restaurant company widely regarded in Liverpool as prime innovators behind Liverpool’s progressive new cocktail, bar […]

Cat got the dream working for Brouhaha

Brouhaha International Festival is weeks away Great to see Cat and the Brouhaha International Festival all over media recently. It’s getting close to carnival…less than a month to go! Ubiquity […]

Liverpool Music Hub rocks the dock

  Acclaimed hip hop artist KOF in ‘Mozart Mash Up’ with star pupil Sophie   Resonate, Liverpool’s Music Hub brought together more than 500 pupils from dozens of schools to perform at one […]

Brouhaha International Festival 2015 soon come!

Liverpool will be treated to an awesome display of carnival revelry this Summer with Brouhaha’s unique flavour of International Carnival spreading to more parts of the city and the globe […]

Property consumer champion reveals mass scandal in Southport

  Consumers hit by cavity wall insulation mis-selling that’s turned into a scandal A local Skelmersdale firm has uncovered what it believes is a mis-selling scandal on a mass scale […]

Resonate Music Hub’s unique programme of music education for all

A groundbreaking music education scheme for pupils in Liverpool is to continue its launch this week after months of planning. Resonate Music Studios is a unique band, choir and ensemble programme engaging pupils from across North […]