Leading Liverpool law firm warns of deadline

A Liverpool law firm is warning the general public that the deadline is fast approaching for bringing an action after thousands of people had to undergo revision operations to remove their DePuy Pinnacle metal-on-metal hip device following problems with pain and mobility.

Gregory Abrams Davidson LLP solicitors points out that according to an article in national press, DePuy have admitted an error in their measuring techniques when making the metal implants.

The fact that some of the metal on metal products were made out of specification is likely to result in higher wear according to some experts.  This wear can lead to metal ions being released into the bloodstream causing damage to the muscle and tissues surrounding the implant.

DePuy have always denied that their Pinnacle hip device was defective. Consequently patients in the UK have been forced to issue Court proceedings.  A Group Litigation Order was made at the High Court in London on 31st July 2014

The group register is due to close on the 12th February 2016 and Gregory Abrams Davidson Solicitors LLP in Liverpool act for a number of Pinnacle hip clients and are one of 5 lead solicitors in the country heading up the litigation.  Anyone with a Pinnacle metal on metal hip device that has already been revised should contact solicitors immediately if they wish to bring an action.

Lisa Lunt from GAD LLP said: “It is sad that the action is being defended by DePuy if they have been aware of this problem with their manufacturing processes.  A lot of the victims are elderly and are dying whilst they wait for recompense.  I think its time DePuy consider settlement.”


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