New York just one of many highlights in busy Spring itinerary for St. Julie’s pupils

It’s been an impressively busy Spring term for the talented performing arts students of St. Julie’s High School in Woolton.
Dance students from the highly acclaimed school in South Liverpool have just returned from across the pond after performing in New York.
Teacher Jo Roberts who kept her connections with both choreographers and artists from her training and performing time in The Big Apple wanted to share her experiences with her own students.

“We had a fun-filled itinerary with workshops at the Broadway dance centre, the Alvin Ailey studios along with the Martha Graham centre too. The students saw the brand new Lloyd Webber “School of Rock” musical followed by another performing session with many Broadway stars. We managed to take in some of the iconic and cultural landmarks too including the Empire State, the Rockefeller centre with ice skating thrown in plus 5th Avenue and some jogging around Central Park…everybody had a fabulous time.”

Pupils selected for the trip are part of the school’s many performing arts companies, whose pedigree will see them participate in a variety of high profile festivals, celebrations and workshops over the coming weeks as Miss Roberts explained:

“St.Julie’s has just been selected for the highly prestigious BBC’s 10 pieces event with auditions already underway. One of our arts companies is heading to Move It 2016 this month, the biggest dance festival of its kind in Europe. We have another company performing at Euro Disney at Easter with yet another drama company ‘Mini Overview’ heading to the West End for a weekend of workshops.”

 Miss Roberts added: “Although the schedule involved is full on, for me it doesn’t feel like a job, it’s a vocation! And I know how much the girls at St Julie’s love it all. They have such drive and determination and that’s what makes my role here so enjoyable.

“I think like any performer, you always want more and that’s very much the case with my students. I’ve performed all over the world in a whole variety of venues, working as a dancer, musical theatre performer, choreographer, teacher and lecturer. To be able to nurture such talent here at St.Julie’s like on the back of my own experiences and see their fantastic progression is so rewarding.

“I love new experiences too and especially sharing them with the students who feel the same…an inspirational teacher once said to me “True happiness is the full use of one’s talents and sharing them!”
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