Publicity Campaigns

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Raising brand awareness

As a Liverpool pr agency, Ubiquity has worked with literally hundreds of companies and organisations looking to do exactly this. As the person responsible for this, you may already be very savvy or at the other end of the spectrum. you may need basic help with generating awareness of your project or campaign. There are many ways of profile-raising as part of the public relations process (see also ‘Marketing’ for additional opportunities).

Defending brand awareness

How would you defend your brand in a crisis? Given a major incident, a fatality, where would you turn? Preparation is key along with Liverpool pr agency Ubiquity’s 20 years’ experience in crisis media management. We are the first point of contact for many insurance companies and solicitors when a serious incident occurs. We think it makes sense to see PR as an insurance in itself in the light of media chasing your brand for news in a crisis. Think of the additional damage to your reputation without the right PR tactics.

Media releases

There’s a prescriptive list of things that you must include in order to potentially create the maximum impact within media. E-mail us for a free list of the best hints and tips for writing powerful media releases.

Agenda Articles

Everyone has an opinion. And opinions can make for great coverage in terms of brand awareness but how you address media with an agenda article that will make the right noises for your brand is an art. Yes, it’s practise but how should you approach media with an agenda article? And what are the vital ingredients to include? As a Liverpool pr agency, we regularly help clients produce these kinds of articles and comment that consistently produce widespread coverage in print, broadcast and online

Media relations

Talking with journalists can be scary as we all know! Want to know how to make the most impact and achieve the desired pr results for your brand? Email us for a free list of the most important steps in approaching, speaking and following with media

Press conferences

Do you know how to prepare for these types of events. Have you ever staged one? Want some help? Key isn’t the event management side but much more so, engagement beforehand with the media, on the day and post-conference to achieve the best results. How do you entice media in the first instance, get their attention on the day and generate the right headlines afterwards? Email us for a free consultation on how to maximise awareness for your brand messages via a press conference through an award-winning Liverpool pr agency.

Photo-led PR

What makes a good PR photo? Having a nose for news, 20 years’ experience in the industry plus and a bank of canny, professional photographers helps our clients grab the headlines in media everyday via Ubiquity PR. ‘A great picture is worth a thousand words’ is worth noting whenever you’re on the path to creating awareness. Book a free consultation with us so we can illustrate how what we do every day for clients can be achieved for you too.

Social media

It takes all the skills and tactics above to produce impactful social media results for your business. Agencies that specialise in social media are on the increase but we think it takes all of the above skills to excel and become highly adept at social networking and bring tangible benefits to a business or organisation via Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube, etc. Email us for a free consultation to discuss your social media requirements.