Woolton school champions sport and produces numerous sporting champions!

Martial arts to water polo, dance to cross country running, there's no stopping the pupils at St. Julie's Catholic High School of late when it comes to excelling at sport.
For the Woolton-based school now boasts seven regional, British and World champions in a diverse array of sporting disciplines leaving their biggest fans, St. Julie's teachers feeling extremely proud.
Kate McCourt, Deputy Head at St. Julie's explained how the pupils have been competing all over the world in sport as well as maintaining high standards in their school work.
She said: "All of the pupils have been competing for the majority of their young lives and teachers here have been there for them every step of the way. That said it takes a lot of dedication by the individual to retain the incredibly high levels of achievement that they have reached in their respective sports. It also gives them a number of very strong personal development skills along the way that are very important in their personal and academic life going through school and once they have left."
World kick-boxing Paris Hughes won her first world title in November 2015, after coming second in the World Championships in 2014. She said: "I learnt so much from my sport both from the point of view of the technical skill required and the discipline and respect for others that it gives you as a person. It's really helping me through my education and you can only begin to imagine how much confidence I've gained as a result of winning at my chosen sport.
Cross Country stars Bethan Strange and Faye Ireland are currently juggling their GCSE's with the English Schools qualifiers as well as training four nights a week. Teacher Jo Hardiman cheers them on at every race, and St. Julie's often helps with funding for the English Schools races.
Dancing world champions Tayleur Amos and Eleiyah Navis have travelled the globe entering different competitions and have both won first place prizes at prestigious events in world entertainment capitals London, Paris and Las Vegas. Their performing arts teacher, Joanne Roberts has helped them apply for colleges, with Eeliyah hoping to head to the States when she completes her studies at St. Julie's.
British water polo team champion Emily Pyper has a busy few months ahead of her with the Great Britain's Under 18 competitions coming up.
"I have to train at least three hours a day to maintain my level of performance in competitions whilst managing to keep up with my school work but I love it! I am so grateful to St. Julie's for the support they give me."
The youngest world champion Eleanor Morris, is the British Judo Champion and has been practising since she was five years old. Eleanor takes part in the British Judo Championship this March with the whole school wiling her on.
"I've been involved in lots of competitions almost since I started with the help of my dad and St. Julie's. I've competed at major events in the UK and across Europe too and have been lucky enough to win so I just keep looking forward to the next challenge."
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