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Enrich List revealed

Enrich List revealed

The Enrich List, a brand new digital media channel connecting consumers with health & wellness brands and eco-friendly products & services held a soft launch this week.

The main focus of the Enrich List is working with brands within the food & drink, cosmetics and the domestic sector.

Founder Joel Jelen maintains that via its e-commerce and editorial-rich content, the Enrich List will be a highly persuasive online resource that will significantly increase the take up of seductive brands of greener, ethically produced food & drink, cosmetics & household products and related health & wellness services.


He said: “Key for brands will be the Enrich List’s digital advertising space that will bring tangible benefits via our engagement with consumers and business alike.

“The Enrich List will also provide consumers with creative, friendly, helpful and likeable advice on enhancing and maintaining health & wellness. This will cover food & drink, cosmetics and household products, especially those enriched by eco-friendly virtues.

“In addition, the Enrich List will also feature services that support the promotion of a health & wellness holistic lifestyle. We’ll be announcing our official launch soon that will be supported by a print, online and broadcast media campaign.


The Enrich List is working with leading global supplement manufacturer Natures Sunshine

The Enrich List has a marketing network across the UK of health & wellness-aware contacts built from its marketing engagement with the sector spanning 25 years.

Enrich List clients and their partner target audiences will benefit from prizes, special offers and Enrich List/client health & wellness showcases.

In addition, the Enrich List has already secured and will be expanding on its provision of consultancy services of online marketing & publicity, web development, media training, business development, copywriting, event management and video production packages for the health & wellness sector.



Arbonne’s beautifully depicted floral logo – an Enrich List client

 Editor’s Note:

 Who is behind the Enrich List?

The Enrich List is the brainchild of health & wealth enthusiast and marketer, Joel Jelen.

Joel has run the award-winning Ubiquity pr consultancy for the past 12 years and has a seasoned knowledge of holistic health spanning more than 25 years gained from world-class practitioners in their field ranging from leading allergy specialist Dr. Len McEwan to the globally revered functional medicine expert Pete Williams.

He has advised/worked with a multitude of health & wellness businesses from independent high street retail brands and practitioners to internationally acclaimed companies such as Natures’ Sunshine, Arbonne & Technogym.

The Enrich List’s conceptual process has been designed and developed by Ambos Digital, leading UK online marketing experts.

Included within the Enrich List’s creative team is a gregarious bunch of savvy online editors, art directors, photographers, publicists and web marketers experienced in handling a diverse portfolio for international brands.