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+44 (151) 260 3662

20 Mathew Street, Liverpool, L2 6RE


Bistro Lounge Mix – event @ 60 Hope Street Tues Sept 24th 5.30pm

Bistro Lounge Mix – event @ 60 Hope Street Tues Sept 24th 5.30pm

Bistro Lounge Mix…

60 Hope Street, Tues 24th Sept 5.30pm-7.30pmish

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Bistro Lounge Mix

What it is:
The short answer: we’re going to the pub…well, its like a gastro pub, well really, its a bistro with the same ambience.
What it isn’t:
There’s loads of brilliant networking events for you movers, shakers & shapers on Merseyside & Wirral…Professional Liverpool, DLIB, Chambers, YBE, Branching Out, Entrepreneurs Club, Open Coffee, Mersey Maritime, DownSouth, Merseyside/Lancs Mob…that’s not what we’re about — we just want to get a bunch of influencer and gregarious socialites ‘around a table’. Think making friends, not contacts. Obviously there’s plenty of shop talk to be had amongst SMEs, corporate types and solopreneurs, but more important is getting some of the region’s great people together in the cosiness of an acclaimed bistro (cue recent review: http://www.liverpooldailypost.co.uk/culture/food-drink/restaurant-review-60-hope-street-5919520)

Are you coming?
If you’re up for a feed — and meeting some good people — add your name to the list and we’ll throw in some hearty, warming bistro food, welcome drinks and wine tasting plus chances to win prizes for meals and events @60 in October/November…all for just a tenner per person.

How does that all sound?

Here’s a sneak preview of the new Bistro Menu:


Wellthy regards