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A Day in the Life…

A Day in the Life…

A Day in the life…
Dayle O Hara is Business Development Manager for Fazenda Rodizio Bar & Grill. This is her day:
7am – I’m awake, showered and having breakfast at home, which is a treat as I’m up a little bit earlier today and get some relaxation time before gearing up for the day. I sometimes get up later and have a quick breakfast in town before work.8.15am – I’m at a networking event with Liverpool Chamber of Commerce and generating some really good contacts for Grand National breakfast business

10am – I arrive at Fazenda and have a meeting by way of catching up with Nathan Morris, our General Manager. We are a close-knit team and need to be as running a restaurant business (which also has sites in Manchester and Leeds) takes a lot of coordination

11am – Nathan and I managed to cover a range of issues including recruitment, we’ve had our best month since we opened 18 months ago and the business has grown exponentially in Liverpool. We’ve just launched our new vegetarian, vegan and pescetarian menu and we’re reviewing how to roll out media coverage on this, including social media

12noon – I have a meeting now with the Liverpool Property Club who once again are looking to hire the venue for an evening event for more than 100 businesses

12.30pm – My next meeting is with a professional services firm that wants to hire part of Fazenda for a Grand National breakfast on Ladies Day, followed by a charity looking to hire our conference facilities for a networking event. We’ve got more than half a dozen events booked in for April and we’re already planning for the summer given our vista onto Exchange Flags

1pm – I’m going to have some lunch in Fazenda before going for a quick walk and meeting with a company hosting a business awards event in the city. We’re keen to enter awards because we’re confident that we have the finest all round Brazilian restaurant offer in the city


2pm – I have a meeting back at Fazenda to discuss reception management and amongst other things, am taste-testing some new dishes, our new salad bar menu and cocktails…I love my job!

3pm – I’m spending time with the team obtaining photographs of our food and drink menu so we can update our social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Now having a conference call with the media team to discuss all of this

4pm – In addition to the events that are booked by other companies, we also host a series of our own including wine dinners and business networking events with companies such as Jackson Canter, our new neighbours, who I have just met with again

5pm – Given the early start I’m going to finish shortly and enjoy the evening away from business apart from one event I’m attending with Downtown Liverpool, who recently hosted one of their excellent By Invitation Only events with us.

7.30pm – I’m home and enjoying the sofa with my head in a book for the rest of the evening before an early night. I reflect on the day and all the positive things that have happened for the business and myself. Given my gregarious nature, I enjoy meeting so many great people every week. I’m already looking forward to tomorrow but not before a really good night sleep.