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Marshall launch third branch and reveal 30 year construction business success

Marshall launch third branch and reveal 30 year construction business success

Marshall Estate launch their third estate agency branch on Wednesday March 25th but there’s a lot more to them than meets the eye.

Director Sean Marshall tells us the story…

How I Made it

Sean Marshall, Managing Director, Marshall

Marshall is one of Liverpool’s leading property companies. The family run business offers customers a range of high quality services from property management to mortgages.

The business began 30 years ago, and has come a long way since then. Sean Marshall tells us where it all began:

“My Dad has been in the property and construction industry for 30 years, he is a landlord and developer, so he has a great deal of experience in buying, selling and developing property. We started the estate agents three and a half years ago, instead of just developing and managing our own property portfolio we wanted to offer our expertise to customers and clients.”

Starting a business is never without its challenges and Sean says they have faced many, but despite starting the business in a recession it has continued to grow.

Sean explains: “The biggest change for us was going from looking after just our own properties to looking after clients & there property. Customer service is the most important thing in any business, particularly in property and estate agency.

We started this business in a recession, we knew the recession had hit but we were determined to succeed. Whether it would have grown quicker if we weren’t in a recession, I doubt it.  We’ve progressed pretty quickly regardless, since day one it’s gone from strength to strength.”

The estate agency side of Marshall began with their first branch in Grassendale just three and a half years ago and they are due to open their third branch in three weeks, and plan to expand the business further.

Sean states: “We are going to open one branch every year throughout Liverpool and the Wirral. The brand is out there now so we can continue to grow the business; we are also licensed by the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) so we’ve got the qualifications and resources to really succeed.”

Marshall is not only an estate agency but are also heavily involved in the construction industry through Marshall Property Construction, carrying out construction and refurbishment of property throughout the country.

“Our construction offices are based in the North West but we have a large client base so we undertake projects throughout the country. Marshall Property Construction ties in well with the estate agency, because we’ve got directly employed contractors who can maintain and develop our client’s properties. As a group of companies we offer our clients a complete turnkey service. Most estate agencies can’t offer that.” Sean says.

Offering his advice to anyone considering going into the property business Sean says it isn’t a profession someone should go into light-heartedly, stating: “It’s a tough business; it takes a lot of hard work. I still maintain that it is more about people than property in this business. It doesn’t matter how much you know about property if you’re not good with people you won’t succeed.”

Despite the success of the business, you won’t catch Marshall screaming and shouting about their services, preferring instead to let their clients do the talking.

Sean explains “For us it’s not about telling people how good we are, it’s more important that people who have used our services go on to do that for us.”