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Blankstone lens almost 25 years experience with contacts’ scheme

Blankstone lens almost 25 years experience with contacts’ scheme

Blankstone Opticians’ after care scheme has vision to shake up contact lens market

I-care boosts Liverpool optician’s business from multiples

Leading independent Liverpool opticians, Blankstone is further enhancing its contact lens scheme with the aim of advancing the quality of after care available to its customers and the general public. Managing Director Mark Blankstone has acknowledged that the industry overall needs to do more in providing greater quality after care to improve on its current record.

He said: “We’ve seen a steady growth in the number of complaints from the general public about the poor after care they received, citing that they only get offered once a year. I believe there needs to be more industry regulation stipulating that check ups are necessary every 6 months.


“Whilst we’re enjoying exponential growth as a result of the transfer of their custom to us, we want to further our own high standards when it comes to supplying contact lenses and the after care required. To keep up with the very latest in technology, we’ve not only invested in working with the leading manufacturers in the market…we’ve also put together a new, comprehensive and we believe, unrivalled ‘Icare’ scheme enabling a host of benefits.

On the scheme, customers receive unlimited contact lens aftercare appointments, free contact lens replacements if lost or damaged, a full eye examination for spectacles every 2 years, 20% discount of complete spectacles and 20 % discount of any non prescription sunglasses.

Mark added: “The scheme itself is now part of our heritage spanning almost 25 years…we just want to keep pushing industry standards and help our customers and the general public as much as possible hence our latest Icare programme.”

More details are available from www.blankstoneopticians.co.uk

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