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Ubiquity lands advisory role with innovative business creating a sea change

Ubiquity lands advisory role with innovative business creating a sea change

Ubiquity pr has been chosen to advise a pioneering Liverpool company acclaimed for designing and building innovative work boats and dredgers to clean up pollution from the world’s waterways.

Waterwitch founded in 1965, is currently busy celebrating after building a new boat for the Cardiff Harbour Authority who will be launching the boat to coincide with the Volvo Ocean Race.

As part of the Race, the ‘Turn The Tide on Plastic’ team supported by Cleanseas.org are competing to promote the fight of plastics in our oceans.

As Waterwitch director Jackie Caddick explained:

“It’s the second boat order we’ve had from the Cardiff Harbour Authority, helping Cardiff Harbour to clean up the Cardiff Barrage which was originally a catalyst for regeneration in Cardiff Bay.

“Fed by two rivers, since completion, all the debris, trash and plastics that would have normally found itself to the sea became trapped within the Cardiff Harbour by the Barrage which occupies approximately 500 hectares of water space.

“Initially, Cardiff Harbour Authority tackled the problem by purchasing one of Waterwitch’s specialist, high capacity, surface dredgers which made easy work of recovering the debris…anything from telegraph poles, lpg bottles, shopping trolleys and tyres, to plastic bottles and styrofoam food containers.

“During the initial 12 months, more than 892 tonnes of litter and debris were removed by the boat – an average of 10 skip loads a week.

“The original vessel is now 18 years old, so Cardiff Harbour Authority decided in 2017 that it was time to replace her with a new Water Witch. Having taken 9 months to build becoming the 76th Water Witch to be built by the company, she will be delivered in time for the Volvo Ocean Race visit to Cardiff later this month and we’re all really excited.

“We’ll have the opportunity of meeting the team ‘Turn The Tide on Plastic’ supported by Cleanseas.org who are racing to promote the fight of plastics in our oceans…a campaign that thankfully has now entered the hearts and minds of the UK population.”

Joel Jelen who will be directing the account for Ubiquity and Waterwitch said: “It’s a privilege to be involved and represent the firm given their heritage, reputation and leading environmental credibility. Their craftsmanship and dedication to the cause deserves high profile recognition and of course, it’s all the more satisfying to be able to shout about the Liverpool brand on the back of their outstanding achievements in helping the planet.”