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What a wise doctor once told Joel Jelen…

What a wise doctor once told Joel Jelen…

Ubiquity is helping Kim Rutherford launch her new book this Thursday night at The Bridewell in Liverpool and it got Ubiquity founder Joel thinking

A wise doctor once told me…’At the root of all emotion is fear’…yep. Anger, moodiness, sadness, anxiety…fear.” And there’s been tons of fear about this last 16 months eh. Tons of near or actual burnout too. Let’s not pretend it didn’t exist prior. Perhaps you’re just more aware. And maybe you’ve now got what I call a ‘toolkit’ to cope.

Coping mechanisms, which usually means family, friends and instinct aren’t nearly enough from my experience working in and around wellness since 1987.That required toolkit was something I’ve put together for myself and family, developed over the years out of need and necessity. I wish I’d met Kim Rutherford – Dalton in 1987.

Her book 8 Wise Ways for a Healthier Happier Mind https://buff.ly/35AocRK would have come in proper handy. Essentially, it’s the mental health and wellbeing guide relevant for busy people and modern life. But everything at the right time I suppose…and I genuinely believe huge numbers of people have now got the headspace and time to allow themselves a ‘toolkit’ to cope better with life.

Also, I’m in a much better position now to appreciate Kim’s work and share with others…so I am…alongside Kim in person, plus Fiona Hornsby and Dom, those famous publicans who have their own business story laced with fear to tell since March 2020.Anyway, we’re all rolling up next Thursday night at The Bridewell 5.30pm for a very informal night to promo Kim’s book, share an official launch of The Bridewell’s new private event space and get all sensibly convivial face-to-face again.

Meanwhile, I’ve been pondering Kim’s 8 Wise Wellness Programme (and you might want to as well) under the headings of Emotional, Intellectual, Financial, Occupation, Social, Environmental, Physical and Spiritual. I’ve illustrated how I relate to each with a visual attached and explanation below…so, and in order:

Emotional – Arsenal, another tricky season ahead!

Intellectual – currently reading Kim’s book again! It will stretch you.

Financial – my fondness for TK Maxx, like going to the Aldi for something you need but you leave with a tent, a cagoule, a pot of paint and a hedge trimmer #financialawareness

Occupation – celebrating 20 years with Ubiquity this month and I’ve spent 20 years practising not getting overwhelmed!

Social – some people have been missing people they don’t even like during this Pandemic. I’ve really missed being around soulful people.

Environmental – so many more people have been appreciating parks…haven’t we got some beauties in Liverpool! Parks are my gym.

Physical – I quite like golf as an outlet and I’m very competitive albeit in a relaxed way! Plus I love the views and it’s a long, long walk.

Spiritual – I often say a little prayer but I’m devout in a different way through nature. How do you relate to each? I’m not asking you to list your answers (feel free though) but maybe just in a quiet moment, have a think and check in with yourself to see if the toolkit can get you a better balance out of life or at least more awareness of how you lead yours currently but could up the quality. Have a good week, see you Thursday if you’re quick enough to catch a last minute spot on the guestlist, email suzy@ubiquitypr.co.uk